when life throws you a curveball.

I don’t like to stay life took a dump on me because, even though thats how I feel, I don’t think thats what happened. When life feels unbearable, there is still a hidden blessing…its like a curveball…hard to hit but, by no means impossible.

So, I’m back. Life took me on an awful roller coaster this last month and writing was the last thing on my mind. I know this sounds dramatic but it’s the truth. I am finding new strength each day, and realizing that nobody in life has an easy ride. I am also learning:

  life is a choice

When life deals awful cards it is still up to us how we choose to play them. I desire to live a full and exciting life… one where I love without the fear of being hurt, and dare to dream dreams bigger than myself. But I have come to realize that life and love and dreaming big comes at a high price….RISK!

Love deeply — risk being hurt deeply

Dream Big — risk being disappointed

Strive to achieve something new — risk failing

Even though I have felt the brutal reality of all of those risks, I have also felt the pure exhilaration that comes from taking a risk! It’s worth it.

I would rather love my heart out, dream without limits, and continually venture into the unknown than live within the boundaries of mediocrity.

I have been told I am dreamer, and I believe that because I dare to take a risk I have experienced true, heart-racing joy!

I believe that God is for me. That he dreams bigger dreams for my life than I can even fathom. He desires me to live with heart racing excitement.  But I do understand that It becomes much harder to believe all of this when your heart is broken and your drowning in disappointment. I know that. I’ve felt that… I am experiencing that. But we must be a people who choose to stand, a people who choose to be joyful and trust that one greater than us has excellent plans for our life.

I would hate to miss what God has for me because I am consumed in doubt and disappointment. Dream big, love hard, and take the risk…even when it hurts!

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