messed up

Do you ever feel like you are messed up in the head?

I mean really…like you are the only one who ever thinks those crazy thoughts? I know I feel like that sometimes but I’ve come to recognize that, that is pretty common. We are all familiar with the crazy little voice inside our head that tends to spout out ridiculous things at random. I’m pretty sure that crazy little voice lives somewhere on the right side…

We are told in 1 Corinthians 2:16 to “have the mind of Christ.” I’m sure that is a peaceful, controlled, focused, loving, and sensible mind. But how exactly are we supposed to achieve a mind like that?! My mind is wildly active, and pretty crazy…

One minute I’ll be thinking about the surmounting issues in my life, the next I’ll completely forget them and think about what it would be like to be a body builder, and the next minute I’ll be dreaming about meeting Albert Puljos and asking him how he remains humble with all that fame and money. Those are just some of the tame thoughts inside my head, I could tell you some of the wild ones but you may suggest I get medical attention and I’d rather not hear that.

Not that my thoughts are bad, there just out-there sometimes. I’m grateful that I have an active mind because it allows me to dream big but I also worry sometimes that I need to have a more rational thought life.  How exactly are we supposed to control that little voice in our head?….. I think it gets all wound up in there when we don’t set aside time to be quiet, read the word, and spend time in prayer. I think many of our thoughts are inspired by God… the God of peace, but 1st we must make time for Him.

When my mind is clear and calm, my actions are rational and my life is full of peace… Don’t get me wrong I am all about adventure, adrenaline, and new things but I don’t want to feel like I’m crazy because my thought-life is untamed. I heard once that if we really understood our need for God, we would realize that spending time with him is more necessary than the air we breathe. When we don’t make time for him its as if we are under water, holding our breath and trying to go about our life like normal. Maybe thats why our thoughts get so screwed up….we are, often times, operating with a severe lack of oxygen to our brain.

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One thought on “messed up

  1. My life is one curveball after another…so done with all this craziness that just pops in

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